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Easy Button Creator 1.4

Easy program to create 2D and 3D buttons for the Web and presentations
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Easy Button Creator is intended for creation of 2D and 3D buttons. As its name indicates, this is a simple program and very easy to use. It contains a wide variety of the shapes that allows you to create unique buttons for the Web and presentations.

Why is this program so easy and quickly? Because it contains small pictures of templates you can use for creation of new buttons. You can edit parameters of the button: shape, size, style, ridge width, border width and depth; edit caption parameters of the button: text, color, font, coordinates of the text, color and depth of a shade; edit parameters of a light source: its coordinates and intensity; create button shade with desired color and depth. Then, you can add new templates to the list for next uses.

If you are a creative and demanding designer, you will need the Shape Editor. It helps you to create your own and originals shapes. Then, you can export your new buttons to different formats according to the needs of your projects.

To create originals buttons you can use Shape Editor, which will allow you to:
- create shapes for 3D buttons.;
- edit parameters of button shapes;
- add new shapes to the list;
- delete shapes from the list;
- duplicate wanted shape;
- move shapes up (down) in the list;
- edit shape name;
- set size of working area and grid cells;
- test shape transformation during hanging of button size;
- save created shape list in DAT format.

Easy Button Creator allows you to save images as GIF, PNG, JPG and BMP files. You will change button size directly before making export operation and, if the flag Keep aspect ratio was checked, the program will recalculate the height when you change the width and visa versa. Also, you can create transparent button images in GIF files using white background for your images.

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  • Vista-compatibility.
  • Button Shape Editor.
  • Work fast


  • Can’t import buttons to edition
  • Can’t create animated buttons
  • Not free
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